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AGGRAND Natural Liquid Lime

AGGRAND Natural Liquid Lime
  • Micronized formulation is made immediately available to plants; permeates entire soil profile

    Available Sizes:
    (1) 32-oz. bottle (singles)
    (12) 32-oz.bottles (by the case)
    (1) 2.5-gallon bottle (singles)
    (2) 2.5-gallon bottles (twin-packs)
    (1) 55-gallon drum
    (1) 275-gallon tote

  • AGGRAND Natural Organic Lime provides a readily available source of calcium and magnesium. The liquid formula penetrates the soil and enters the root zone where it quickly increases the soil's pH. Calcium and magnesium stimulate plants, speed growth and provide quick green-up of foliage. Mix Liquid Lime with water and till it into soil before planting, or spray on soil of established lawns, gardens, flower beds, trees and shrubs.

    AGGRAND Natural Organic Lime is not available for purchase in Georgia.


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