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"Spend Less on Fertilizers, Get Greater Yields and Go Organic... All At The Same Time! Sound Impossible?... Believe it!"

-- Our Liquid Organic Fertilizers Are Made in the USA, and Are Guaranteed To Produce healthier
lawns and crops!

If you grow things... anything... And you're looking to save money on fertilizers, get better yields and grow healthier lawns, crops, trees or plants, you'll want to see the facts on AGGRAND's Liquid Organic Fertilizers.

Our Natural Organic Liquid Fertilizers actually repair the soils that regular fertilizers destroy, they cost less -- and they're shipped directly to you usually the same day you order them!

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Natural Organic Fertilizer

NOF-QT AGGRAND Natural Organic Fertilizer 4-3-3
Effective as either a foliar feed or soil application. Click here to learn more...
Natural Liquid

NLL-QT AGGRAND Natural Liquid Lime
Micronized formulation is made immediately available to plants. Click here to learn more...
Natural Organic Liquid Bonemeal

NBM-QT AGGRAND Natural Organic Liquid Bonemeal 0-12-0
Provides a readily usable source of phosphorus and calcium. Click here to learn more...
Natural Kelp and Sulfate of Potash

NKP-QT AGGRAND Natural Organic Fertilizer 0-0-8
Provides increased heat, cold and drought tolerance. Click here to learn more...

Why "Best" Organic Fertilizer

The word "BEST" simply defines what AGGRAND's Natural Liquid Organic Fertilizers are all about. AGGRANDS's founder A.J. Amatuzio absolutely will not be apart of anything that does not represent the best of the best. Comparison studies are an integral part of the AGGRAND philosophy. We always beat the competition in these studies.

With AGGRAND you will see:
  • Stronger, Healthier Plants
  • Disease Resistant Plants
  • Insect Resistant Plants
  • Easier to Care For Gardening
  • Healthy, Non-Toxic Soil (Environment Freindly)
  • Less Strain on Your Wallet!

  • AGGRAND Offers RESULTS!...

    ... I fertilized half of the garden with AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer and the other half with my regular commercial fertilizer. The results were absolutely amazing. Green pepper plants which usually would bear three or four peppers per plant were producing as many as eight and nine peppers per plant and had increased the size of the fruit by at least one-third. The tomato plants which normally would grow to a height of 3 to 4 feet were up over 6 feet, had bushed out double their normal size, and then produced at least twice as many tomatoes as the non-AGGRAND fertilized plants with large and better fruit on top of it!
    - Toby E. Marcovich, Attorney and home gardener -

    ... normally I don't have any ripe tomatoes until at least the last week of July or the first week of August. Today is June 24; I've been eating cherry tomatoes from my vines, and I have more tomatoes, more fully developed than any I've ever been able to grow before. I have changed nothing in the method that I've used to raise these tomatoes other than to use AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer.
    - Richard Gould, Investment Counselor and home gardener -

    ... the [diseased] avocado tree demonstrated outstanding response to the AGGRAND Natural Fertlizer; new and vibrant growth appeared on the interior of the tree, the interior branches showed vigor and took on a healthy appearance, and small blossoms began to develop. ... AGGRAND Natrual Fertilzer overcame the effects of the [preexisting] root fungus and caused the tree to uptake and utilize the fertilizer's nutrient complex ... I now use AGGRAND continually and the tree has almost regained its former vigor and stature.
    - Dr. Robert Pratt, Organic Chemist -

    ... After using AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer for only a short time, perhaps two applications, it was apparent that the ornaments and flowers underwent a substantial transformation. The plants universally were far more vigorous and had developed a large number of buds and blossoms. The blossoms, as well, remained full vibrant far longer than we had ever previously experienced. Patrons of the course were enthusiastic in their praise of the appearance of the landscape plants.
    - Robert Distel, Golf Course Superintendent -

    ... My main uses of AGGRAND, following label instructions as the only fertilizer for the full 1992 growing season, were in four ways:
    1. A peach tree that in April looked like it would not be alive at the end of growing season. The Tree is not only alive at the present time but it bore a small crop of peaches.
    2. My watermelons have been great with a good yeild and have had good taste.
    3. I have had an exceptional yield of tomatoes with good taste, and entered a tomato in the Jumbo Tomato Contest at the 1992 Iowa State Fair. The tomato weighed in excess of 2.75 pounds and won First Place.
    4. A small strawberry patch that came through the winter in poor condition. These are day-neutral berries that bear continuously throughout the growing season. They not only survived but have produced excellent berries of good size throughout the season. I have been raising these varieties of day-neutrals for several years and this has been the best year for them that I have had.
    - Bob Davenport, Master Gardener -

    AGGRAND - How Much Will it Cost?

    “AGGRAND is more economical than anything around and it's organic.”

    Robert Benson of West Milford, W. VA. has been using AGGRAND products for 11 years and he has seen spectacular results. In his first AGGRAND year alone, he saved over $6,000 by using AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer and Liquid Lime on his 100 acres. The product also yielded more hay than ever before.

    “AGGRAND more than doubled my hay crop.”

    The retail price for a single 32 oz. bottle is $10.67 (enough for the average front lawn) and as low as $17.17 per gallon to treat an entire acre for farming and commercial use.

    AGGRAND - How to Buy?

    All products carried in convenient sizes:
    32-oz Bottles
    Case (12) 32-Ounce Bottles
    2.5 Gallon Bottles
    5-Gallon Case
    55-Gallon Drums
    275-Gallon Tote
    Trucked Tankers

    We offer Retail and Commercial accounts as well as selling directly to the public.

    Commercial accounts pay about $17.17 per gallon in our 275 gallon tote sizes. Call Toll Free: 1-877-645-4725 to order.

    "We Turn All Thumbs Green"

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